Los Angeles Architectural Photographer | Lawrence Anderson

High-end imagery is the expertise of Los Angeles Architectural Photographer Lawrence Anderson. Based in CA, he works in Los Angeles and San Francisco.

His clients love his work. Ask renowned architectural design firms like DLR Group, HMC Architects, ZGF Architects, EYRC Architects, ELS Architecture and Urban Design, Gensler, and Lorcan O’Herlihy Architects (LOHA). They’ll give you a satisfied ear full. And for an eye full, see his work in The Architectural Review, Architectural Record, Dwell, Interior Design Magazine, Azure, Frame Magazine, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, and The Wall Street Journal.

There is no limit to Lawrence’s photographic ingenuity with civic architectural photography, architectural photography of educational institutions, healthcare photography, architectural product photography, and transportation photography. The list of his proficiency is as long as it is global.

Lawrence Anderson was once described as the “Red Bull” of architectural photographers. Energetic. Passionate. Innovative.

Always finding a way around any obstacle thrown at him, Anderson and his team will do whatever it takes to capture the best photographic image of an architect’s work. Getting a high-rise photo from a helicopter before thunderclouds move in; maneuvering around a beehive of activity in a busy ad agency; highlighting the functionality of a ginormous party facility during a Rave; catching an intimate moment in a family home—nothing is beyond Anderson and his team.

Lawrence Anderson was born to shoot. From as far back as his great, great grandfather’s construction business (now owned and operated by his father) his destiny was clear. He grew up with a penchant for buildings and an artistic eye, and he marveled at buildings, their structural beauty and the emotional implications of how people connected to them. Learn More.

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