What do the cities of Manhattan Beach, New York City and Sydney all have in common?

Answer: BCG Digital Ventures!

BCG Digital Ventures reached out when they needed photography that specifically showcased their collaborative offices, creative spaces and unique company culture.

That’s right up my alley!

With a portfolio in hand, we met for the first time at their Manhattan Beach office – on Halloween, costumes and all! It was a very fun start to our relationship!

BCG Digital Ventures - New York CityThe Company

BCG Digital Ventures is a branch of Boston Consulting Group.

They mission is to “invent, launch, scale and invest in game-changing businesses with the world’s most influential corporations.” Each offices is as unique as their company’s mission.

I’ve loved capturing these 3 offices and just got back a couple days ago from photographing 2 others in London and Berlin! It’s been a blast!

Check out my hand-picked favorites and let me take you on a tour! No flights or passports needed!

Manhattan Beach, CA

The first stop on our tour is the BCGDV Manhattan Beach office.

I can honestly say that the philosophy behind this office design is something I’ve never encountered before.

One of the key features in the office is the hexagon shaped rooms based on the shape of their company logo. Their thought: why have rooms with 4 walls when you can have them with 6? Sounds good to me!

A maze-style floor plan was purposely designed for people to get lost and force them to talk to one another to find their way. Now that’s company culture at its finest!

New York City, NY

The second stop on our tour is their New York City office, located in the highly sought after Hudson Yards development.

Over 40 floors above the street, this office has stunning views of the New York City skyline everywhere you look!

BCGDV offices are all designed to accommodate different working styles and needs of their employees. With meetings going on all around us, we spent the day surrounded by a high-energy buzz of activity.

Sydney, Australia

Our last stop is the BCGDV Sydney office, located in the district of “The Rocks” in Sydney, Australia!

This old brick building overlooks the Sydney Harbor and Opera House.

While there, I witnessed first hand the day-to-day interaction BCGDV has wth their clients. It’s all about teamwork! Clients are partnered with BCG-DV teams and invited to work inside their offices to develop ideas, solve problems and achieve goals while enhancing their relationship and productivity.

The camaraderie and collaboration that happens here is remarkable!

Story Behind The Photo

The angle for this shot was the only one that shoes the iconic Sydney Opera house through the window and I was really excited to capture it!

The Challenge: Cruise ships block the view and I was concerned about not getting the shot. So we looked up the incoming ships for our shoot day and wouldn’t you know it, the Queen Mary II was going to be docked right in front of the office.

Our Solution: This single image had to be taken a day early, before the Queen Mary II pulled into the harbor. With the insight of our clients, we made it happen! Problem Solved!

Searching Out Great Eats!

Discovering the best places to eat while I’m on location

As this was my first time to Australia – and I really hope it’s not my last – I wanted to share an awesome rooftop restaurant with you!

Right down the street form our shoot location is the Glenmore Hotel. It has an amazing rooftop restaurant and bar with stunning views overlooking Sydney Harbor!

Unfortunately soon after I sat down to start editing it started to rain. So I headed inside, one floor down, to an equally great “must try” lounge in the same hotel.

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