“Architecture is the thoughtful making of space”  – Louis Kahn

Whether we think about the spaces we reside in or not, each one has been carefully designed by someone. Attention to detail, or lack there of, will embody a certain type of experience for each person occupying that space. In the case of the workplace, environment has been shown to have a direct link to productivity.

A great example of this is located in Irvine, CA, at the new AutoGravity Headquarters, designed by Gensler. I can’t tell you how excited I am to share this project with you!

The Company
“The diversity and ambition of our team is what makes AutoGravity such a special place to work.” – Nicholas Stellman, COO of AutoGravity

Founded in 2015 with the motto, “One Team, One Dream” AutoGravity is a pioneer in the world of financial technology. Their mission? To transform today’s auto financing through the power of mobile technology. Forbes.com sat down with the CEO of AutoGravity to discuss why there has been a recent spark of interest in financial technology.

Check out the full gallery of AutoGravity’s Headquarters!

The Architect
Gensler was ranked the #1 top architecture firm in 2017 by Architectural Record. They research and integrate the latest innovations and technologies in their designs. Their goal is for people to have every day experiences that have purpose, create impact and revolutionize the way we live and work. 

A great way to stay in the loop with Gensler’s research is through their magazine,  Dialogue. Each issue touches on a different type of architecture and design that Gensler provides. Issue No. 28 highlights the “why and how” of today’s workplace. 

The Details
As one of the key elements to interior design, lighting brings life and energy to a space. Gensler no only provided ample light sources for the AutoGravity office, but also found inspiration from AutoGravity by angling all of the lighting and acoustic bevels to the same angle as the “A” in the AG logo.

Gensler also designed a visual theme of stars that can be seen all around the office. They included a LED-lit galaxy ceiling and constellation graphics for each of the conference rooms on the second floor.

A Fun Place to Connect
All businesses need a place to meet, collaborate and connect. AutoGravity has a lot of areas around their office for this, including a very cool stadium-style seating and stairway.  As a main feature of the space, this area is both fun and functional. Around the world, architectural features like this can be seen in offices, educational and cultural institutions. Check out dezeen‘s Pinterest board “Bleachers” and pick your favorite!

Another fun addition to this office is the slide! It’s the quickest way from the 2nd floor to the 1st at AutoGravity. Everyone has to try it at lease once. Here are some other spectacular and playful office slides that show us that playground equipment isn’t just for our kids! Which one would you want in your office?

2018 Trends
As we look forward to a new year, with new discoveries and technologies to come, here are a few trends we can keep an eye our for in the workplaces of 2018. Inc.com share about trending workplace environments, while Forbes.com and Gartner discuss the 2018 trends in business and strategic technology in the workplace.

Road Hog: My hotlist of good eats near Irvine

Dinuguan at Irenia Restaurant in  Santa Ana. Photo by Courtnee Jean Martinez

I love having a list of interesting food choices when I’m shooting! When in an unfamiliar territory I usualy ask Megan, my studio manager, to do some research. This time she found Thrilllist.com, which gave me some great restaurant recommendations for all hours of the day. Here’s the latest and they’re all awesome

  • Are you an early riser? Break of Dawn in Laguna Hills is a breakfast and lunch only restaurant with Vietnamese flavors. 
  • Mick’s Karma Bar in Irvine is all about burgers, ice tea and lemonade.
  • Do you like fine Mexican cuisine? Head over to Anepalco in Anaheim.
  • Prefer Filipino inspired dishes? Why not try Irenia in Santa Ana.
  • Maybe the Japanese-style Mokkoji Shabu Shabu Bar in Irvine might be your cup of tea.
  • Lola Gasper in the Santa Ana Artist Village is a must stop for a great atmosphere and tasty dishes and cocktails. 

Who’s ready to eat!?

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