Open your text books and get ready to take notes!

No more white walls. No more old couches. These residence halls are more like a high-end hotel than a dorm facility. The next generation of business leaders at Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business (GSB) are set up in their new digs and ready to take on the world!

I’d love to show you around! Lets’s go!

Social By Design

Talk about Social Space! These students live and breathe it. A lot of business has to do with networking – and Steinberg Hart designed the areas here for students to do just that.

Social Space is vital to telling the story of an architect’s design. To capture the right use of the space we needed people! Thankfully there was a constant buzz of activity around us all day! I was LOVING it!

Bold, Defining Colors

Bright blues, deep purples and lots of vibrant colors – this colorful architecture is a signature style of the architect Legorreta.

I don’t usually see walls of bold color like this in Architecture, so it made for a fun and exciting shoot!

The Name of the Game: Flexibility!

When photographing architecture, flexibility is key.

Not just physical flexibility – I can easily touch my toes – but being flexible to the unexpected.

In this case, what you don’t see int these shots is a huge group of people checking in to the residence halls for a business event. We were able to successfully work around it, suitcases and all.

I’m always ready to work with what’s going on around me, so the shoot went off without a hitch.

Did You Know?

Fact 1: Stanford’s Graduate School of Business was established to stop business students from going to the East Coast for school and never returning to the West Coast.

Fact 2: The founders of Trader Joe’s, Nike and Atari have all received degrees from Stanford’s Graduate School of Business. Check out these other famous graduates! How many do you recognize?

Searching Out Great Eats

Discovering the best places to eat while I’m on location

When I’m traveling, Vietnamese food is always one of my go-to’s. It’s healthy, filling and tastes great no matter where I end up.

While in Palo Alto, I discovered Tamerine, a fantastic Vietnamese restaurant not too far from Stanford University. After a full day of shooting, I was ready to get my grub on!

Delicious food, casual, yet elegant atmosphere and large communal dining tables! This is my kind of place!


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