As our world population grows, many are concerned and troubled about the effects we have on our natural environment.

The cry for change has been heard!

Architects, designers and developers have stepped up their game into the world of sustainable architecture and green building in response to our community’s needs.

An amazing example of sustainable architect and green building is the Dropbox Headquarters at 333 Brannan Street in San Francisco!

The Company
Dropbox builds simple, yet powerful tech tools that transform the way we work with others and share information. Over 500 million people and 200,000 businesses use Dropbox around the world.

Not only does their new headquarters feature a solar energy system to offset the electricity used in this 6-story building, but they also have a stunning rooftop terrace! Who wouldn’t want to spend their lunch break surrounded by the beautiful sights San Francisco?  Check out the full gallery here!

The Developer
Kilroy Realty is a real estate giant that has been established since 1947 and manages over 14 million square feet of property from Seattle to San Diego.

With aggressive sustainability goals, Kilroy Realty is reducing its energy consumption in many of their properties on the West Coast. By partnering with companies devoted to new technologies in solar and hybrid systems, Kilroy Realty has become one of the top developers focused on building sustainability into everything they do.

The Architect
William McDonough + Partners is on the forefront of the green building movement and practices community design that is dedicated to ecological health and human well-being.

Globally recognized, founder William McDonough has dedicated his life to sustainability. His book “Cradle-to-Cradle: Remaking the Way We Make Things” brings to light how we need to go beyond ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’ by challenging our understanding of the waste we create in manufacturing. Check out this insightful interview with McDonough and learn more!

Moving Toward Sustainability
Many CEOs want to make a difference. Convinced that companies should play a positive role in environmental stewardship and social development, they declare sustainability a top priority…” Bain & Company researched how businesses employ programs for sustainability, but they found that only 2% ever achieve their goals. used Bain’s research to create this interesting visual of why that is and a few ways your company can implement steps to impacting your work environment through sustainability. [Disclaimer: This link is best viewed in Chrome or Firefox. It does not play well with Safari.]

Everyone Starts Somewhere
Giant corporations that are household names, like Facebook and Google, have their headquarters in some of the biggest cities and largest office buildings in the world. But where did these multi-million dollar companies start? Here are the humble beginnings of some of the Bay Area’s biggest tech companies.

Spice is the Spice of Life!
There are times when nothing will wake up my taste buds like the flavors of India. ROOH is a rockin’ awesome mashup of California and Indian cuisine. It’s not only a taste treat but one for the eyes too! On the first floor of 333 Brannan, Rooh makes you feel special just being there and taking it all in. And, it’s only a few blocks away from AT&T Park, life is good!

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