…..and I was standing on a ladder taking a picture, from a roof of a high rise, 30 floors up, overlooking the pool deck and the city of Taipei at sunset. The light was almost there and I was about ready to capture the shot. As the time got closer, the clouds rolled in, and as I was about to loose the shot, I waited. The clouds came closer and closer, I waited. Things weren’t looking good. I was there on a two-week trip, hired to capture two buildings, in two cities. On top my ladder, I thought about how I have seen 8 straight days of rain, I had an infected and swollen shut eye (important for taking photos), I had three fractured ribs, a severe sinus infection, caught a horrible head cold, and that morning at 10am my wife back in the U.S. and were chatting on Facetime, when all of the sudden, she flashes me a positive pregnancy test!

“It’s okay, it’s okay, don’t panic.” On top of that ladder, as the clouds rolled in and I was about to leave empty handed again, I had a hunch about the weather, but it was going to be a big gamble. I immediately left the rooftop, ran to my hotel room, packed an overnight bag, and caught the next high speed train to Taichung that night! The next morning I was awakened by rain, hard rain, hard painful rain. Rain like I had never heard. Thank goodness for those umbrellas! I scouted in the morning and it rained all the way through lunch and beyond. Around 2:45pm, the rain stopped and the clouds subsided, opening up to some beautiful light. Here’s some of that light. Oh, and we got on more rooftops!

The Garden.  Perkowitz + Ruth Architects

tawain dip2

tawain dip

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