East Los Angeles College is a thriving campus that continually grows with the latest technology and service for its students.

May I present to you the Campus Student Center!

Creating Hybrid Spaces

This Campus Student Center is a great example of a trend happening in Higher Education design. Hybrid, multi-use buildings, centrally located with something for everyone on campus.

Inside you’ll find the school’s cafeteria, bookstore, student government offices, faculty and staff lounges, health services and a ballroom. Wow, that’s a lot to fit into one building!

Let the collision of education, community and social space commence.

A Trusted Relationship

Ehrlich Yanai Rhee Chaney Architects was hired to be a part of the empowering of ELAC students. They designed a building in the center of campus that serves and supports all who walk through its doors.

EYRC Architects is one of the firms I’ve worked with multiple times. I’m always honored to be trusted with photographing their stunning projects!

Photographing a project is usually one of the last items to be checked off the list before a job is considered complete. Firms entrust me to listen, get to know a project and its important details. Then I capture it in all its awesomeness.

There’s a lot more to see! Check it out!

Photography Insight: Schedule for Success

Over the many years I’ve been photographing college and university campuses, I’ve gathered crucial information that has helped me capture bustling activity instead of a ghost town.

The key is scheduling the shoot on the right day.

Typically Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays provide the highest volume of people traffic on most campuses. These days maximize the Social Space in my photography.

With EYRC Architects partnering with ELAC and their commitment to providing the best for its students, everyone has the opportunity for a bright and successful future!

Searching Out Great Eats!

Discovering the best places to eat while I’m on location

The Lunch Break

Arguably a highlight of everyone’s day, lunch provides a much needed break and refuel in the middle of a photo shoot. When the timing is right we take orders, call them in and pick up our energy sustain meals.

We found a great Poke restaurant on the edge of the ELAC campus called Pokiholic. It was a hearty meal, tasty and a must try if you’re in the area

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