Big Blue Bus Shelters

300+ new Big Blue Bus Shelters later and – just like that – Santa Monica has a fresh new urban blueprint photographed by Lawrence Anderson Photography.

An innovative design by renowned Lorcan O’Herlihy Architects (LOHA), the Santa Monica area has now been scattered with “Blue Spots.” Designed sustainably with everything from LED lighting to solar powered arrival info – who could have thought bus stops could be so cool?

Big Blue Bus Shelters

We hopped around Santa Monica to these several “spots” finding quite the dynamic Social Space. It’s fascinating photographing people come and go.  Seconds after class was dismissed at Santa Monica College (SMC) we faced an influx of students eager to ride home – it became challenging to maneuver our cameras amongst such large crowds. We made it work by staying alert of people’s personal space and keeping our toes out of the street.

A huge part of this shoot became exposing the variety of culture and diversity at every BBB bus stop. In Los Angeles, we are fortunate with such a melting pot of talented people. Together we have all experienced enough car trouble to appreciate great public transportation. Whether you are riding to work in the morning or taking a day trip to the beach, the BBB helps connect “Angelenos” all around the city. It felt great photographing this interconnectivity in our community.

Big Blue Bus Shelters

After a long day in Santa Monica, we got our images and heard excellent feedback about the new “spots.” In a high trafficked public space it is always rewarding to hear the people appreciate the changes in architecture. Thanks to LOHA, the new design improvements are in great effect!

This holiday check out the new stops – and why not catch a ride on the BBB? Take the express line with friends and family to the heart of Downtown Los Angeles – go shopping or ice-skating in Pershing Square!

Happy Holidays everyone!

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