Imagine working on a project where you literally have every single thing you could ask for at your fingertips, the project is super unique and exciting, and you receive an overwhelming amount of support from everyone around. Now imagine yourself in a hallway with a series of doors. Open stage door 10 and you might find yourself inside of West Beverly High.  Open stage door 15 and you’ll be on the set of CSI Miami.  Maybe door 19 will take you to the rooms where they make fake body parts.  Then there was the “movie set” stages that I can’t talk about until it’s released.  Working with Farm Advertising to update the studios portfolio, I think this may have been one of the most exciting shoots of my life.  We didn’t work, we played, and the studios rolled out the red carpet.  Need a model, “Here’s three.” Want to go up 50 ft, “Choose a boom lift.”  Don’t like that wall there, “It’s gone!”  Ha ha, this was such a blast!  Three days photographing behind the scenes, filming going on all around us, watching the Hollywood magic in action, talk about a kid in a candy store!  I may have been even a bit gitty.







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