Where are all the students?

Bam! One-by-one the students start lining up in front of the entrance to the Parkside CSU Long Beach Dining Hall. An influx of people, eager to eat. Get ready — it’s time to shoot!

Photographing for the prestigious architecture firm, AC Martin, we were sent back to school to capture one of their newly designed CSULB dining halls. This new space offers students much more than the traditional “cafeteria.” Fellow classmates can choose to collaborate inside at communal tables or take a break to energize outside on the patio. Would you like to dine inside or out?

CSU Long Beach Parkside Dining Hall

We always enjoy the environment of a college campus. The eclectic Social Space and unique abundance of props never seem to be an issue with the millennials. Skateboards, laptops and colorful caps set the scene. The youthful vibrance marvelously complements the bright accents and optimal lighting in AC Martin’s brand-new design. For certain shots we set up multiple strobe lights to balance the exposure between the interior and exterior lighting. It was such a pleasure to photograph a space that radiates such high energy.

CSU Long Beach Parkside Dining Hall

During the lunchtime rush, we had to put on our director hats and utilize quick communication to position the set. Posing people during building construction or off-hours at an office translates much differently than the war room of a dining hall. We had to move fast here. Communicating through walkie-talkies at either corner of the main hall, we shot at a rapid pace to keep in line with our creative vision and the needs of our client.

A huge thanks to Donna Clandening, the director of marketing at AC Martin, for help on set during these chaotic moments. Thankfully we came out alive in a sea of hungry students and with a batch of great photography!

CSU Long Beach Parkside Dining Hall



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