Call me crazy, but I believe in luck. Despite the project, location, team, or budget, luck always seems to find it’s way into my shoot. Here at the new UC Irvine Contemporary Arts Center designed by Ehrlich Architects, luck came through again. Lets start with the gallery space where the walls were empty, I needed people to fill the room, and there were two small projection theaters hiding from my lens. Telling the story on this one was going to be a challenge. I used an iPad to light the girls face peering into the room and then I placed the people accordingly trying to create depth and tension. Still, something wasn’t right. Also, I couldn’t decide, lights on or lights off and let it go red? Then, here comes a guy with the perfect boots! I couldn’t figure out why but with his black cowboy boots and curly ended mustache, I knew I had to have him in my shot. I placed him, he did his magic, the shadow happened, and BAM! He made the shot! Later, we had a completely empty performing arts theater. After trying to figure out who or what to pose, it just kinda happened. A group of ballerinas were finishing class next door at just the right time and were willing to pose in my shot as seen here. Good timing, or was it all just luck?


UCI Contemporary Arts Center UCI Contemporary Arts Center UCI Contemporary Arts Center UCI Contemporary Arts Center

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