Today, Brad Galles (Farm Advertising) and I decided to take a sexy red helicopter all over the downtown L.A. skyline to get the right shot.  The client had initially suggested a view from the ATT building, but where’s the rush in that?  I rented a gyro from Samy’s Camera and a Nikon D3X for it’s high ISO capability.  The gyro helped stabilize the camera, but we really didn’t need it as the flight wasn’t very bumpy. When I asked the pilot how close we could get to anything, he always answered “How close do you want?” The entire time we were up in the air, only a little seat belt held me in.  No harness, no cable, just this little rinky-dink belt.  HAHA, I loved it!  Here’s the url for the pilot.













EVO Tower. TVA Architects. GBD Architects. Howard S. Wright Constructors. Los Angeles, CA.

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