Los Angeles International Airport Tom Bradley International Term

The opportunity to photograph the brand-new Tom Bradley International Terminal at LAX for Fentress Architects came after close to three years of conversations, meetings and negotiations. We couldn’t be more excited that Commercial Design Trends Magazine chose to feature our work on this amazing project!

Fentress is one of the best architecture firms in the world, and to help maintain that reputation, they only hire the best architectural photographers — what an honor to be selected! When we reached out to them with our print portfolio, it just so happened to arrive during a three-week window during which they were reviewing photographers for this very project! Archivist Jason Knowles called us immediately, blown away by the “old school” tactile experience of our portfolio. After submitting a 60-page Excel spreadsheet and responding to each of their RFP criteria, we won the competition and the project.

Los Angeles International Airport Tom Bradley International Term

Architectural photography is never easy. However, for a project this large and this significant, every challenge we face for a “normal” project was amplified times a hundred — working around the cloudy coastal weather visible through huge windows, predicting the position of the sun on an enormous structure, devoting 50-75% of our day to passing through security checkpoints, carrying gear up and down endless flights of stairs, to navigating around the movements of planes and VIPs.

Despite the challenges, we love shooting big projects like this! It takes a lot of coordination, planning and security checks for a shoot like this run smoothly, but we were able to come into this multi-phase project and capture gorgeous images of this amazing new structure.

Read the full article here, and be sure to check out this awesome video slideshow of the project:

[youtube id=”ad6wwmEnMWk” width=”700″]

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