A Splash of Color (and maybe a dash of nostalgia) at Kaiser Medical Center of Murrieta.

As a SoCal resident, I’ve always felt a kinship with Kaiser Permanente healthcare. I am a Kaiser baby (thanks, mom)!  My son and daughter are also both Kaiser babies.  I even enjoy their radio ads where Allison Janney reminds us to thrive!

Good health is one of the things I continue to be thankful for. So, when EGG Office’s new Kaiser Murrieta location was complete, I was very excited to get to work capturing the hustle and bustle of this lively Medical Office Building.

While it’s clear to everyone that architectural photography is really my thing, I was very into the gorgeous SoCal landscape photos they sourced for this space. Here’s a peek at the creative goodness they cooked up

Daily Patterns of Any Space

The nature of being inside a Medical Office Building is communal, but in a really unique way that can best be explained by this scenario: all day long, people who have just received good news share the elevator with people who have just received bad news, good news, or no news at all. It’s weird to think about those possibilities, isn’t it?

I always stay aware of the nature of the space I am photographing so that I am not an intrusion. On this particular day, I had a strong awareness that I really couldn’t be sure what was going on in the lives of the people that passed by me. Unlike a library or sports stadium where the surrounding  communal experiences are mostly uniform, the fragile nature of a medical setting’s personal moments caused me to be extra aware of my fly-on-the-wall status.

A Little Meta

I really dug how the interiors aligned with the exteriors in this design. This proved to be a really fun aspect of this space, and I made sure to capture the moments in the day where the interior images danced with the exterior elements – like these long afternoon shadows almost touching the bottom of these interior trees.

Given the nature of this building (tree pun intended!), I was extra-excited to see the welcoming washes of natural light and huge pops of color throughout each floor. I’m ordinarily a pretty upbeat and positive guy, but it’s an instantaneous mood-shifter to be surrounded by beautiful shades of yellow, orange, and green!

Image Appreciation Day

Truth time: I’m a photographer but I’m also a self-proclaimed nature nerd. This time of year is particularly beautiful (hello Superbloom!), so I loved the beautifully enlarged images of Southern California on many of the walls throughout these shared spaces.  As an architectural photographer in Los Angeles who spends a lot of time driving, I like to think I’ve been almost everywhere between San Francisco and San Diego. Much like these murals, those drives are often punctuated with poppies and grapevines and lush wild hills all along my way!

These bold visual reminders within the context of workplace design was a welcomed representation of the beautiful state I get to live and work in!

To Photography – and Beyond!

Some might say that gorgeous and innovative exteriors are the birth place of modern architectural photography.  To this point, I love to study the building  I am photographing as it relates to the outside environment and the natural surroundings – which is certainly easy enough to do when there isn’t a cloud in the sky.

Depending on the location of the sun, the perforated oak tree design that is the building’s facade would beautifully change in appearance in relation to what was going on in nature from hour to hour. It was very satisfying – and an exercise in great time management for me! – to capture the metal-meets-tree elements at different times of the day and into the evening darkness!

Searching Out Great Eats!

Discovering the best places to eat while I’m on location:

This was one of those shoots that started super early in the day and included a long lunch, so as a lover-of-all-things-lunch I scheduled in the time to hit up Pho Shack in Moreno Valley.
When you are used to driving as much as I am, a few extra miles are well worth it for a great meal. I recommend the rare steak pho and an order of fresh spring rolls.

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