On a recent photo shoot with Leo A. Daly, I captured the United Airlines Flight Attendant Lounge at Los Angeles International Airport.

What I discovered was that this space is so much more than a waiting room for flight attendants. It serves a very specific purpose that could save your life one day!

I can’t wait to show you around this unique space!

An Insiders Perspective

One of my best friends is a flight attendant and she’s shared with me a lot about her profession that most never hear about.

She once told me that every flight attendant on board is ready to lay down their life for ours if they need to. They are highly trained professionals that receive way more training than just someone who serves you drinks and snacks.

Leo A. Daly’s Los Angeles office took charge of this space and designed a place that serves all of the needs of the United Airline flight attendants passing through LAX.

There’s more of this space to see! Check out the gallery here!

Rest and Revive

If these flight attendants ever need to save me, I want them to be at the top of their game, which means being rested and ready for action.

To help flight attendants stay alert and awake, United Airlines and Leo A. Daly provided a dedicated nap room – a place of rest and relaxation in between flights.

Mail’s Here!

When you’re flying around the world where does your mail go? For some, their mail comes through this “home base” in Los Angeles. No matter where their job takes them, they have one place where all mail and communications can take place.

A Traveling Culture

Although Summer has the highest peaks of air travel, one of the most traveled holidays during the year in the United States is coming up in a couple weeks. Thanksgiving!

Last year it was calculated that during Thanksgiving holiday LAX was the 2nd busiest airport in the nation with 1.13 million travelers!

Thankfully, the United Airlines flight attendants will be utilizing this uniquely designed space to keep their energy high, minds alert and ready to keep everyone safe on their upcoming journeys.

Travel + Leisure magazine wants to help you out with How to Keep you Sanity at the Airport This Holiday Season. With the amount of traveling I do throughout the year, these are great tips to help you out!

Searching Out Great Eats!

Discovering the best places to eat while I’m on location

As a SoCal native, I LOVE In-N-Out!

One of the coolest In-N-Out locations I’ve been to is right outside the entrance to LAX, directly across the street from the main landing runway. You can watch huge planes land while chowing down on a Double-Double and animal-style fries! It’s like dinner and a show before your flight!

If you’re flying out of LAX any time soon and have never stopped by the In-N-Out on Sepulveda, I would highly recommend taking the time to stop by!

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