One day I received a call from the advertising agency for Ritz Carlton Hotels.  They were putting up a new hotel in Vail, CO and needed an elevated perspective shot  that captured a full 360 degree panoramic of what would be the roof top view of the hotel.  The goal was to capture the image with snow, but not snowing, and we had a strict deadline.  Easy right?  No.  After much planning and several postponements due to weather, we flew into Vail on a snowy day, hired a 60 ft. boom lift, shot in -8 degree weather the next day with perfectly clear skies and fresh snow, held my camera close to my heart to keep it warm, then played a few days in a heavy blizzard.  The timing was difficult, but we got our shot, met the deadline, and even had time to play.  I have the best job ever!  It just takes a little planning and research.

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