“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.” – Malcom X

Education has to constantly change to keep up with a world that never stops evolving with new innovations, technologies and discoveries. Students today need to be equipped to learn in environments that will shape them into the future leaders of our communities.

Here in Southern California, HMC Architects is helping to advance learning environments for the leaders of tomorrow. One of the schools benefiting from HMC’s technology-focused design is Rancho Campana High School in Camarillo, CA.

The School
Rancho Campana High School was first opened to students in 2015. Built on 28 acres, this school was designed with the future of technology and careers in mind for its students. RCHS is a comprehensive academy offering project-based curriculum within 3 enrichment themes: Arts & Entertainment, Engineering and Health & Biological Sciences.

HMC designed specialized labs and rooms for each of the 3 themes. From ceramics and robotics labs, to classrooms with large roll-up garage doors connecting students to nature, this school has the resources for success. Check out the full gallery here!

The Architect
HMC Architects has been designing stunning architecture since 1940. They are among the top 20 architecture firms in California in 2017, according to ENR.com. Located in Ontario, HMC’s teams are passionate about what they do and ready to collaborate to solve even the toughest design problems.

James Krueger, Associate AIA and Design Principal for their Pre K – 12 practice, was interviewed about how HMC Architects is advancing California’s learning environments and focusing on keeping their designs flexible for the future of technology and education.

The Technology
With the continual advancement of technology, we can only guess at what the future holds for current and next generation students. Inc.com shares with us 5 innovations that are shaping tomorrows classrooms and changing the future of education.

Not only is technology changing, but also the way curriculum is being developed and implemented. Jennifer Thomsen, who analyzes policy for the Education Commission of the States, says that, “…there’s been a shift from focusing purely on college readiness to thinking also about career readiness.” In an article by Education Week, Thomsen talks about how some States are stepping up and creating their own ways to prioritize career-focused education.

Can You Imagine?
Learning in the 21st Century Classroom– No Posters. No PowerPoints. Kayla Scheer, a high school Spanish teacher, uses the TEDx platform to share with us how she allows her students to play and use different technologies in her classroom. From commenting on cultural blog posts to creating video games for a final exam, Scheer is using technology to develop a love of learning in her students.

Lets not forget about the teachers themselves. They love to have fun with technology, too! This high school math teacher played a great April Fools’ joke on his students using the technology in his classroom.

Local Taste of Malibu
Along the beautiful Pacific Coast Highway, right at the county line of LA and Ventura, lies and iconic restaurant and hang out spot. Neptune’s Net has been serving up delicious fish & chips, great beer and amazing views of the Pacific Ocean since 1957. It’s been featured in movies like Fast and the Furious and Point Break and is always packed with locals and tourists. Check out what EATER: Los Angeles has to say about it!

If you’re ever in the area, let’s grab a table for lunch at this awesome local watering hole.

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