Lawrence Anderson

was once described as the “Red Bull” of architectural photographers. Energetic. Passionate. Innovative.

Always finding a way around any obstacle thrown at him, Anderson and his team will do whatever it takes to capture the best photographic image of an architect’s work. Getting a high-rise photo from a helicopter before thunderclouds move in; maneuvering around a beehive of activity in a busy ad agency; highlighting the functionality of a ginormous party facility during a Rave; catching an intimate moment in a family home—nothing is beyond Anderson and his team.

Lawrence Anderson was born to shoot. From as far back as his great, great grandfather’s construction business (now owned and operated by his father) his destiny was clear. He grew up with a penchant for buildings and an artistic eye, and he marveled at buildings, their structural beauty and the emotional implications of how people connected to them. At age 17, he picked up his first camera and it was love at first click. Anderson’s choice to go to Brooks Institute was a no-brainer. His years of schooling, apprenticeships and hands-on experience led him to start his own company, Lawrence Anderson Photography. Together with a cherry-picked team of creative talent, the company is fast becoming one of the most sought after photography studios in the architectural world.

What Makes Us Different

Social Space. You will see a lot about Social Space on this website and there’s a reason. Communicating the link between amazing architecture and the people who inhabit it, is magnetic—the compelling attraction to a photo that Lawrence Anderson brings to the table (along with his Red Bull enthusiasm).

The additional challenges of taking Social Space photography is more than worth it. Architectural photography is enhanced by the addition of people. There is a story that becomes apparent in the space they move through and it makes an emotional connection to the viewer. To get this kind of photo, it often means cajoling reluctant workers (or crew members) into being willing models to help imbue the shot with the human element. Anderson is a master at working with people. It isn’t always easy, but it always makes a stronger image.

Our Clients

One word—EXCEPTIONAL! Yes, we love what we do and feel tremendously lucky to be doing it, but without the continued relationship with our clients, what would we be doing it for? Working with talented, industrious, innovative clients is what really keeps our creative juices flowing and we’re deeply grateful.


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