Want to take the Go Kart?

Today’s “startup” culture is spreading amongst businesses of all sizes with the idea that work should be a fun place to be. The Go Daddy offices by DES Architects are an example of the fun-loving, employee-centric company culture appearing all over the West Coast.

I love photographing these creative workplaces. It’s so interesting to see how company cultures vary depending on the industry, company values, and location. I always try to take away lessons on how to improve my own company culture.

At Go Daddy, I saw how big open spaces, cheerful colors and communal workspaces improved moods and encouraged spontaneous collaboration. I’ve redesigned my office to feel bigger and more productive with, what I like to call, my “war wall.”  I also enjoyed Go Daddy’s climbing wall, putting green and all the other ways employees could take a break, get a workout, jumpstart creative thinking and stay active. While I don’t have room for a climbing wall, I am planning to bring in a treadmill and maybe even a standing desk!


At BlueBeam Software in Pasadena, I loved the built-in bar and cozy lounge areas where employees hang out with their colleagues. I’m probably not going to install a kegerator or wine fridge in my office, but I never deny a good happy hour with my team and clients!

From Kilroy to Gensler, off-the-clock socializing is strongly encouraged. Cheers to team-building!


Unispace LA has some great collaborative workspaces that also inspire me as I design my own office. Where can I get one of those video game lounge areas?!

I’ve learned that the most important thing in developing a killer company culture is to get clear on what your company’s core values are and how your workplace can promote those values. My business is built around my mission of producing the highest quality of images and at the end of the day having an empowered team with happy clients. 

My business also values giving back. We do this by providing a helping hand to photography students along their career path. For many years we have offered internships through my alma mater, Brooks Institute. With each new intern, I get to see what the future of this industry looks like, and it also encourages me to clearly communicate my business and creative process. Plus, I am always in the know about millennials! 


My company’s culture is also strongly rooted in the geographic culture of where I live and work. The Mar Vista/Culver City area inspires me, energizes me, and makes me feel connected to my community. This is a cool, colorful, modern, family-friendly neighborhood with lots of artists, creatives and young professionals. There’s great design, great food, great music, and tons of amazing local businesses. Residents here are more likely to shop a farmer’s market than a big box store, to have a succulent garden rather than a water-hungry lawn. There’s a strong focus on individuality, activism, uniqueness and blazing your own path which really resonates with me.

Earl Dip

If you’re around the neighborhood, let’s meet up for lunch at Earl’s Gourmet Grub (very delish) and talk company culture!

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