How To Build A City

Pinnacle Bank Arena

In Nebraska if you want to go see a concert you drive to Omaha.  You want a great steak, Omaha.  Maybe a national convention, that’s right — Omaha.  Eager to make a larger mark on the map, the much smaller city of Lincoln has decided to give its big brother a run for its money.  How you ask?  By taking a $344 million “Bring Back Main Street” approach to grow and enhance the historic Haymarket District.  Full of stylish new gastro pubs, classic hotel renewals and selected preservation of a historic rail yard — Lincoln has been given one heck of a face-lift.  Lighting up the sky and towering above it all lies the new Pinnacle Bank Arena designed by DLR Group Architects.  Home of the University of Nebraska’s men and women’s basketball, this newly expanded city has some very passionate fans walking its streets, or could we say flooding it?  What better draw to fill those hotels and sell those gastro beers than an expedition game on the 4th or a Pink performance on the 9th?  I’d actually love to be there for the Pink show.  Hmm…  For more images, check out the feature page.

Pinnacle Bank Arena

Pinnacle Bank Arena

Pinnacle Bank Arena

Pinnacle Bank Arena

Published: Ehrlich Architects: Learning. Working. Living


After browsing Hennessy + Ingalls, I stumbled upon this collection of Ehrlich Architects‘ projects featuring UCI Contemporary Arts Center and Nankang Towers in Taipei, Taiwan!

Behind The Scenes: Dawn in Chicago



Back in Chicago, I set up for a dawn shoot.  From an overhead bridge above the L, I was able to capture the Trump International Hotel and Tower designed by Skidmore, Owings, & Merrill (SOM).

Published: A New Sculpturalism: Contemporary Architecture from Southern California

A few of Lorcan O’Herlihy Architects projects published for the MOCA exhibition of A New Sculpturalism: Contemporary Architecture from Southern California.


Behind The Scenes: Century City Catwalk

Douglas Emmett Catwalk


There comes a time when walking along high-rise catwalks becomes the norm …  The client was able to capture my assistant and I 13 stories above 1800 Avenue of the Stars.

My New Favorite Models

LAUSD South Region Elementary School #9.  HMC Architects

Hands down, it is my architects’ children!  These kids look good!  The secret to a successful image is drama.  And the secret to drama is populating the shots to make it look real. The designers as models always looked great in the shots since they were often well dressed, very stylish, often fit, and had an overall care for their appearance.  But here at SRES #9 designed by HMC Architects, the designers brought their kids to pose that day — holy cow, can you say the PERFECT PROPS!  These kids were styled, color coordinated, astute and straight up ready to go. They could even hula hoop!  My entire team was spoiled the day we shot this elementary school with these well-designed little ones.  Why can’t we order them for every school shoot?  For more images, check out the feature page.

LAUSD South Region Elementary School #9.  HMC Architects

LAUSD South Region Elementary School #9.  HMC Architects

LAUSD South Region Elementary School #9.  HMC Architects

Would You Believe: Blow Drying The Lens

Blowdrying Snow


What’s one way to keep the snow off the lens while shooting a Park City Residence for NanaWall in the snow?  Use a hair dryer on cold!

Would You Believe: Over the Sunset

Over the Sunset


Not many people get to shoot in the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles pedestrian bridge designed by ZGF Architects at sunset over Sunset Blvd. as the busses and traffic hustle below…

On-The-Go: Rock n Roller

Rock n Roller


Anybody who is in production should own the Rock n Roller cart while traveling!  The ease of having all gear on one cart is remarkable and definitely makes moving through busy airports such as SEATAC, LAX, and JFK extremely helpful.

Behind The Scenes: Gear Galore

Gear Galore


Who would have thought so much new gear would be so much fun?  We had to rent a Canon 400mm and 300mm while shooting the White Sox US Cellular Field by Populous!