Luminous Point Loma

Point Loma Nazarene University, Location: San Diego, CA, Architect: Carrier Johnson

Photographing at Point Loma Nazarene (PLNU) was a dream shoot. Overlooking the pacific, we could hear crashing waves nonstop throughout the day.

We admired the open space and beautiful landscaping at PLNU’s brand new Science Complex built by the amazing Carrier Johnson + CULTURE. Walking the campus with Director of Marketing, Kathy Mitome, we couldn’t get enough of the long arcs in perforated stainless steel so contemporary, yet unique.

Point Loma Nazarene University, Location: San Diego, CA, Architect: Carrier Johnson

Capturing a two-floor metal panel wall was definitely a lighting challenge as a photographer. We had to work simultaneously with the exterior lighting and the shadows reflecting into the interior. It looked like the stairway was constantly evolving; when the light was just right, you could read equations on the floor!

Point Loma Nazarene University, Location: San Diego, CA, Architect: Carrier Johnson

We photographed inside lecture rooms, state-of-the-art labs and rooftop viewing decks. The students and staff were so cooperative and helpful as models. In between shots they even tried to help us brush-up on our science skills!

Point Loma Nazarene University, Location: San Diego, CA, Architect: Carrier Johnson

It was a privilege to be amongst the young and brightest, photographing a stunning new complex, all while remaining in ocean view. Carrier Johnson + Culture nailed it with their new academic addition. Point Loma and its science program is now looking better than ever before.


 Check out the full gallery here…

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Zura Hall: Surf Ready?!

SDSU Zura Residence Hall, Location: San Diego, CA, Architect: HMC Architects

Dodging surfboards and skateboards, I swiftly maneuvered my way into the brand new Zura Hall at San Diego State University (SDSU). Standing before me — a student housing paradise.

SDSU Zura Residence Hall, Location: San Diego, CA, Architect: HMC Architects

The 1968 classic Zura Hall underwent a top-to-bottom renovation by the geniuses at HMC Architects and Malum Architects. Think — productive surfer dude. Included with study areas, lounge rooms, and if you weren’t paying attention on the guided tour, there’s foosball and ping pong in the rec rooms.

SDSU Zura Residence Hall, Location: San Diego, CA, Architect: HMC Architects

We set foot to capture the hustle and bustle of dorm life with help from HMC’s Creative Director Christopher Grant and a couple of handy Resident Advisors. We corralled 1-20 students on every floor to capture the open community layout and the serious resort-like vibes.

SDSU Zura Residence Hall, Location: San Diego, CA, Architect: HMC Architects

We loved seeing the surf theme carry over throughout the buildings.  The designers worked with a local San Diego board shaper to create custom sustainable surfboards — fire chief approved! We also caught eye to these superb perforated terracotta lamps that tied back to the all-natural SoCal stylizing.

‘School on the west coast couldn’t get better,’ I thought as I photographed a group of friends on the sunny rooftop terrace. Never thought college was this cool! I kept comparing the environment (with all the awesome amenities) to the corporate cultures I’ve photographed in the past at GoDaddy or Nieman Marcus. Looks like SDSU is setting them up for the best!

SDSU Zura Residence Hall, Location: San Diego, CA, Architect: HMC Architects

My team had a blast getting immersed into the West Coast student life. Now I wonder what it will look like when my kid is all grown up!

SDSU Zura Residence Hall, Location: San Diego, CA, Architect: HMC Architects

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Kilroy Commits to Inspiration

“Untitled” by Sheldon Greenberg | 2000 – 2001

I walked into the lobby and directly in front of me was an artist at work. Among the hustle and bustle this man was extremely focused. He was painting carefully and passionately, in his zone — lost in his art. 

What an incredible opportunity it was photographing hundreds of art pieces in properties owned by the renowned architect, developer and realtor: Kilroy Realty. After 4 months on this project traveling to San Francisco, Seattle, LA and San Diego — I grew to love the way art functions in a workspace. The way the art changes with the light, how people respond or react differently to the art; the list goes on and on as to why contemporary art has made a breakthrough in innovative offices along the coast.

Kilroy Art Collection, Location: Los Angeles, CA, Architect: Kilroy Realty

“Men In Cities” by Robert Longo | 1983

Working closely with the art curator, Deanna Krawczyk, I got to hear the amazing backstory on every installation, multimedia display or fine art piece. I learned the narrative behind the artists and their choice of material, color and creative method. Specific artists that caught my eye in the Kilroy Art Collection were: David Florez, J.R. Eyerman, Robert Longo, Patrick Wilson, Amy Kaufman and Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec.

Kilroy Art Collection, Location: San Francisco, CA, Architect: Architect Kilroy Realty

“Atom City” by Amy Kaufman | 2010

After visiting a variety of Kilroy spaces I noticed a trend in the staff — everyone was so friendly and smart! I started to believe the power of great art. Kilroy Realty has done quite a stellar job implementing ways to create an awesome company culture across all locations.

I also took interest in the value of Kilroy’s vertically integrated business. Growing up in construction, I found it remarkable that Kilroy has sole ownership on all aspects of creating a building: design, construction, development and realty. You hardly see that anywhere! But after my time with Marketing Manager Shannon Knuth and Marketing Coordinator Caitlin Kilroy, I saw all the advantages to minimizing third parties — the accuracy and speed of communication was on point! I couldn’t be more impressed with this team.

Kilroy Art Collection, Location: San Francisco, CA, Architect: Architect Kilroy Realty

“Kvadrat Clouds” by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec | 2012

Kilroy’s commitment to their inspiring art, empowered employees and efficient business practices was a marvel to capture on camera. Now all I need is one of those pieces from the Kilroy collection in my studio!

Kilroy Art Collection, Location: Los Angeles, CA, Architect: Kilroy Realty

“Bwana Devil” by J.R. Eyerman | 1952

See the Kilroy Featured Gallery here.

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Fuhu Featured in


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Happier Healthcare

Sutter Women's and Children's Center

We recently had the pleasure of photographing the cheerful and modern Sutter Women’s and Children’s Hospital in Sacramento for EwingCole. With construction led by Boldt, the 395,000 sq ft, 214-bed facility is quickly turning into the leading pediatric and women’s health center in Northern California.

You might wonder (as I did!) why these two demographics demand a unique facility. The answer? Pure numbers. The under-14 set accounts for nearly 20% of the total U.S. population, and women account for more than 51% (by the age of 85, there were nearly twice as many women as men!) On top of that, studies have shown that women are more likely to use health care services than men. Big numbers mean big business!

Sutter Women's and Children's Center

Amazing things happen when design focuses on the needs and desires of women and children — spaces that typically feel mundane and utilitarian get a breath of energy and warmth, and the whole experience feels friendlier and more inviting. Even the building’s mass and facade are designed to be gentler and less intimidating, with its curving and playful lines.

Sutter Women's and Children's Center

From the cool and colorful art throughout the facility, to the choice of furnishings and even bed linens, every detail has been designed to put these patients at ease in the sometimes scary world of hospitals and waiting rooms.

Inside, you don’t feel like you’re in an eight-story mega-hospital. Each space feels calm and cozy, from the women’s intensive care and labor/delivery/recovery areas to the pediatric and neonatal units.

Sutter Women's and Children's Center

Sutter Women's and Children's Center

What’s a hospital without people?! It can be challenging to include real patients, nurses and doctors in photographs, for privacy and safety reasons. Initially, we hadn’t planned to include people at all, but ended up hiring about 15 extras from a local temp agency for the lobby shots. We love working with these agencies because they always send us such wonderfully diverse and energetic groups — they really give our photographs the feeling of being populated by real people.

Sutter Women's and Children's Center

Working on this project with Michael Lehman of EwingCole was truly a pleasure — you can’t help but appreciate his sincere and down-to-earth personality on big projects like these! We’d met with him on a portfolio showing, and the timing couldn’t have been better — he’d just completed work on Sutter and felt that our approach was perfect for this project. We were thrilled!

See the Featured Gallery for more images.

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Seeing Clearly and Clearly Seen

Project Name

In the world of luxury eyewear, personalized service and artisan-level expertise sets GLCO apart from its staid competitors. This ain’t Costco!

We recently photographed their 1400 sq ft flagship store, located on La Brea Blvd in the heart of Hollywood’s trendiest shopping district, for WEST OF WEST. This hip young design firm, led by UCLA-AUD alums Clayton Taylor and Jai Kumaran, delivers architectural design that dips into urban strategy and graphic design.

Project Name

I’d never thought much about eyeglasses before, but talking to the staff and clientele at the GLCO boutique during our shoot, really opened my eyes! People who choose to wear glasses (despite the prevalence of contact lenses and corrective surgeries) do so as a statement not just of their personal style, but how they see the world and how the world sees them.

Project Name

With this perspective, it only makes sense that these discerning individuals would seek out a shop that’s just as passionate about eyewear as they are! Staffed by expert opticians who offer specialized advice and can talk history of eyewear for hours, the service level is comparable to a high-end jeweler.

WEST BY WEST’s design for the GLCO boutique is fresh, inviting, and ever-changing, with a serious art gallery vibe. Each pair of frames beckons shoppers from a clean and minimal display. The shopping experience is calm, relaxed and cooler than cool.

GLCO Diptych

The boutique is even transformative like an art gallery! Multitude wooden pegs covering the crisp white walls allow for the modular displays to be re-configured on a whim, accommodating fresh styles or unique displays — like a headphone station (to make sure your glasses don’t interfere with your retro-cool professional headphones, I guess!)

Project Name

The storefront is transparent — a clear nod to the lenses sold within — but at the same time shapes the perspective of passers-by, who can’t help but peek into the modern, undulating space. The shopping district where the GLCO boutique is located is prized for its walkability. I shouldn’t have been surprised to see several friends and clients pop in on the day we were shooting!

Project Name

This project was small, but hyper-cool. I love photographing commercial interiors that really change the way we think about shopping!

See the Featured Gallery for more images.

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Tech Tuesday


For hundreds of years it was thought that sight was limited to as far as the eye can see. Today for Tech Tuesday, we prove that wrong using the nifty device known as the CamRanger–a camera add-on that detaches the photographer from the confines behind the camera. Streaming a live view from the camera to, in this case, an iPad grants a newfound freedom to both control the camera and anything happening in the scene on an easy, portable device. Clients love it too, as they can watch the magic happen from their own tablets… even when they are in the shot!!  This behind the scenes look comes from our recent shoot at the Las Colinas Women’s Detention Center with  HMC Architects and Balfour Beatty Construction.

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Bring Your Board to Work

In Silicon Beach, cool is the new currency.

When Gensler called us to photograph the new Omnicom Group offices in Playa Vista, we knew our images of this stylish space needed to reflect its elevated design status. We crafted each shot to highlight the clean lines, varied levels of transparency and interesting textures created by the Gensler design team.

Playa Vista is rapidly gaining a reputation as the place for creative, tech and digital media companies to grow — rivaling Silicon Valley! “Silicon Beach” is expanding like crazy right now, attracting companies with its hip, laid-back, surfer-chic vibe.

In the heart of this growing community is Playa Jefferson, a recently renovated development courting big-name tenants like global marketing communications giant Omnicom Group, who moved their LA headquarters to Playa Jefferson’s Building C.

Playa Jefferson isn’t new to the tech scene. Since the 1970s, the campus has housed companies like Citibank, whose engineers reportedly developed and tested the first ATM here!

The vibrant, playful interiors of the Omnicom Group offices were designed by Gensler, built by Sierra Pacific Constructors, and embellished with exuberant murals by artist Charlie Edmiston. This creative collaborative office space oozes cool!

Splashes of color complement the 60,000 sq ft building’s energetic angles and industrial details. Staff cruise by on skateboards, stopping for coffee in “La Cocina” before plopping down for an impromptu meeting in comfy yellow armchairs. What an amazing place to work!


Gensler’s Newport Beach office was charged with the redesign of the expansive Playa Jefferson campus, and the Omnicom offices in particular, for Vantage Property Investors. Design Associate Alison Wineland spearheaded the project, under Design Director and Principal James Young, who hired me to photograph this and several other projects.

David Loyola, another Design Director and Principal at Gensler and renowned for his writing and lectures, even stopped by to help style some of the shots. I love working with Gensler, and it was a real pleasure working with Alison — she’s a phenomenal new architect, and I can’t wait to see what she does next.

Omnicom Diptych 1

Omnicom Diptych 2

We had a great time on this project, and we’re so proud to share these final images!

See the Featured Gallery for more images.

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Things Look Better From Up Here

Up, down, left, right, turn around, turn back, move back, move forward and then maybe you have the shot. Photography is all about finding the best angle. It takes a lot of work most of the time. And quite frankly sometimes, I am just not tall enough. Sometimes the best angle is from 80 feet up, my tripod is just short of that…by about 72 feet. That’s when we call in the heavies. Boom lifts, scissor lifts, helicopters help me be as tall as any project may need.

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Back to (Business) School

2240 Paul Merage School of Business Unit 2, Location: Irvine, CA, Architect: LMN Architects

Back to school takes on a whole new meaning when you’re attending one of the most prestigious business schools in the country.

At UC Irvine’s Paul Merage School of Business, students are returning to a beautiful new expansion to their campus. The 80,000 sq ft addition, designed by LMN Architects and Carrier Johnson + Culture, seamlessly interconnects spaces —  existing and new, outdoor and indoor, meditative and collaborative.

I had the pleasure of photographing this impressive space for the architects, construction firm, and the school itself!

2240 Paul Merage School of Business Unit 2, Location: Irvine, CA, Architect: LMN Architects

2240 Paul Merage School of Business Unit 2, Location: Irvine, CA, Architect: LMN Architects

Photographing educational projects always requires a unique approach, but UCI’s Business School had a longer list of challenges than most! The intricate levels of management meant a great deal of coordination with everyone’s schedules and unique requests from multiple parties. We’re pros at navigating complex situations and getting great shots that meet everyone’s expectations.

2240 Paul Merage School of Business Unit 2, Location: Irvine, CA, Architect: LMN Architects

With such a distinguished school comes an equally distinguished roster of professors and lecturers. The school requested shots featuring a few of these important individuals. We love including people in our photographs to provide a sense of scale and function to a space, but it did require advance planning to capture specific people while they were on campus.

2240 Paul Merage School of Business Unit 2, Location: Irvine, CA, Architect: LMN Architects

Comprised of many irregular angles, intersecting lines and other dramatic design features, the 5-story structure was tricky to photograph, to say the least! By taking the time to first thoroughly scout the spaces beforehand and then get feedback from the architects about the best angles, we were able to capture the true spirit of their design. 

2240 Paul Merage School of Business Unit 2, Location: Irvine, CA, Architect: LMN Architects

2240 Paul Merage School of Business Unit 2, Location: Irvine, CA, Architect: LMN Architects

It did take some special equipment, including extra wide lenses and construction lifts, to accomplish the architects’ vision. Check out some of our behind-the-scenes images showing the giant construction lifts in action, helping us photograph around the large trees in the courtyard! Thanks to Hathaway Dinwiddie for providing the lifts.


We were thrilled to see our photography of this project featured in a cover story for the Orange County Business Journal!

OC Business Journal Cover Story


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