A Sunny Day in Sunnyvale

Moffett Gateway, Location: Sunnyvale, CA, Architect: DES Architects

Moffett Gateway, Location: Sunnyvale, CA, Architect: DES Architects + Engineers

As Silicon Valley continues to be the hotspot for the tech world, companies are reimagining what the workplace really means. It’s still just a place to work, right? Well, the designers at DES Architects + Engineers and Jay Paul Company might argue otherwise. We recently had the opportunity to visit Google’s newest campus in Sunnyvale CA. The Moffett Gateway campus has raised the bar in our book.

The 15 acre campus is so much more than office. The parking lots are divided by sections of trees providing shade from the Northern California sun. In the heart of everything is a full acre with an open grass field that just begs to be enjoyed. They say work is no walk in the park, but what happens if you have to walk through one to get there? Mixing nature with business appears to be one of DES Architects’ strong suits. Which leads to, I think, their most successful example of this, the rooftop garden.

Moffett Gateway, Location: Sunnyvale, CA, Architect: DES Architects

Moffett Gateway, Location: Sunnyvale, CA, Architect: DES Architects

When you have a big client coming to town, or arethrowing a company party, or maybe you want your employees to relax during lunch, you need to have the place for it! On the roof of the Amenities Building is a 30,000 square foot rooftop garden. Catered with firepits, barbecues, adirondack chairs, and bocce ball courts, the list goes on! It offers a stunning respite to all of those long Mondays and gives you way more than just a break room. Below this magical landscape is yet another feature that will either get you in early or will keep you late.

Moffett Gateway, Location: Sunnyvale, CA, Architect: DES Architects

Moffett Gateway, Location: Sunnyvale, CA, Architect: DES Architects

On the first floor of the Amenities Building is the fitness center. With brand new equipment, a caring staff, and some amazing views, employees have a chance to stay fit even in the busy season. This line of fitness centers has been so successful in the workplace that it is a now a flourishing fitness center chain throughout northern California. Sporting the latest tech in fitness, offering yoga classes, and even equipped with a steam room, this place seems to have it all.

Moffett Gateway, Location: Sunnyvale, CA, Architect: DES Architects

Well okay so this place isn’t all fun and games, though I do like that part a lot. This campus is home to 2 seven story high rises with big blue windows on all sides which reflect the clouds in the sky. More and more clients are asking us to use people – models, extras, stand-ins. These people are a vital part to photographing brand new building like this as it brings an energy that isn’t there quite yet.

A lot of the spaces I photograph these days are big, brand new buildings with no one in them yet. With a place such as this, you wouldn’t really get the true scale or sense of the project. People help to define how the space can be used, they energize it. But if the buildings are empty, what’s there to do? Well, we utilize various methods and work with many different agencies dependent on the location to accommodate this need. Our process includes a casting stage where clients have the ability pick and choose the desired people that show how the space should be used. And with the help of a great team and the magic of a walkie-talkie, we are able to coordinate and direct the models wherever they may need to go, even when they are all the way in the back.

Moffett Gateway, Location: Sunnyvale, CA, Architect: DES Architects

The Moffett Gateway is a prime example of an exciting new workplace. From beautiful buildings with amazing views to bocce ball on the roof, the place alone could make any business envious. I surely enjoyed photographing such an awesome project. Can’t wait to see what they come up with next!

Moffett Gateway, Location: Sunnyvale, CA, Architect: DES Architects


Moffett Gateway was recently featured by The Registrya quarterly Bay Area real estate magazine and we are excited to see it!


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Say Hello to Megan!


I am pleased to announce that at the beginning of this month, Megan McTavish accepted our invitation to join our team as Studio Manager. Megan brings in a wealth of experience and will be a happy addition to Lawrence Anderson Photography. She will be working directly with our favorite clients, which of course includes you! Feel free to give her a shout at She looks forward to working with you!
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Are You Too Faced?


In the world of fashion, the makeover is what it is all about. The new trend, the new color, the new look. What is hot is hot, what is not is not. The game-changing makeup company, Too Faced, knows when it is time to buckle down and shimmer up. Paired with the amazing design team at Gensler lead by David Loyola, the two gave a long overdue makeover to its Irvine based office. It looks so good it even ended up in Elle Decor!

This office POPS!

Too Faced was founded to counteract the dark toned makeup trends of the 90’s. It was the first to premiere glitter eye shadow, plumping gloss, 24 hour crease proof primer and now can be found as the number one selling brand on the shelves of Sephora. From its beginning, Too Faced has embraced everything bright, sparkly, and pink! One look at their office and it is obvious to see.



This was definitely different from my usual. It did come with a nice benefit, though. Often times when I show up for a shoot, I’ll hear, “Oh shoot! I would have dressed better, had I known.” Not these ladies. Through and through, every woman I had the pleasure to work with was dressed to the nine and eager to be in each shot. Which just makes the shoot that much better.


It is pretty clear who runs the show. Meet Clover, the trophy pooch that can be found roaming the halls, making sure everything is in order and demanding all of the pets! Too Faced is a very dog friendly office, going as far as teaming up with and featuring a “Pooch of the Month” who’s up for adoption on their blog!


At the end of a long week, usually everyone rushes home to start the weekend. But why not sit back and relax by the fire on their new deck! Using sliding glass technology, the floor to ceiling windows open as doors to tie the inside to the outside. I am betting their office parties will be one to remember!


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June 2016: Duck’s New Nest

Jane Sanders Stadium, Location: Eugene Oregon, Architect: SRG Partnership

Jane Sanders Stadium, Location: Eugene Oregon, Architect: SRG Partnership

As green and gold poured into the stadium I could tell it was going to be a stellar night.  With the smell of popcorn and hotdogs, there was excitement in the air. The sun had set, but the day was far from over. The Ducks flew to their nest, the Utes to theirs. It was time to play ball. “Go Ducks!” the sidelines chanted.

I recently photographed the newly renovated Jane Sanders Stadium at the University of Oregon. The team at SRG Partnership took a softball field and made it a Stadium. They created a place where the opponents WILL not forget who they’re facing the green and gold. The stadium itself soars over the crowd as the main feature spreads its wings as if to take flight. The Ducks have a new nest, and it is right at home plate.

Practice makes perfect.  Softball doesn’t just happen on the field. It takes a lot of time and effort WHEN not up to bat. That’s why the Ducks now have a state of the art training facility. With a large open space the Ducks have a transformable indoor field. Retractable netting allows the team to run batting cages and pitching drills simultaneously. To sharpen their strategies, they have a redesigned film room to better study their opponents. And their locker room is something even the majors may envy!

Jane Sanders Stadium, Location: Eugene Oregon, Architect: SRG Partnership

“Working with Lawrence on the Jane Sanders shoot was a dream! We battled with scheduling around weather and had a tight window to actually capture the stadium in action during a game. The shoot was a huge success – it was all due to the very precise planning that Lawrence puts into every exquisite detail of every single shot. He expertly juggled multiple setups throughout the shoot to ensure that every angle was captured in the best light. Lawrence worked in collaboration with the coaches, team, and staff at Jane Sanders Stadium to ensure we captured everything we wanted to capture, but most importantly, that we stayed out of their way during the process. What an amazing team – Go Ducks!”           –Leslie Boll, SRG Partnership Brand Designer

Jane Sanders Stadium, Location: Eugene Oregon, Architect: SRG Partnership

I love shooting projects like this.  I had a fairly packed stadium as it was one of the last home games for the year. THERE WAS A GREAT DEAL TO CONSIDER WHEN PLANNING THIS SHOOT. Spring weather in Oregon is anything but predictable. And being at the end of the season for the stadium, I had one chance. I took it. The weather leading up to the shoot had wavered between brilliant sunshine to lots of clouds. IN THE END WE GOT both —those are natural, home grown, Oregon skies!

All in all, the Ducks took home a win, and so did I.  It was truly a stellar night.

Jane Sanders Stadium, Location: Eugene Oregon, Architect: SRG Partnership


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It Takes A Village…

LAVC, Location: Los Angeles, CA, Architect: Pankow

LAVC Community Services Center, Location: Los Angeles, CA, Architect: Quatro Design Group, Pankow Builders

The age old expression, “it takes a village to raise a child” has never been more true than it is today. With the dawn of summer finally upon us, friends and family are looking for that certain something, that they can all do together. The new Los Angeles Valley College Community Services Center takes a new approach for its village.

From running and jumping into foam pits, to mastering a new recipe, climbing up a wall, or just in general having fun, the new facilities offer the perfect place for it all. The list of possibilities goes on and on. Too many to even begin to scratch the surface. But best of all, it brings everything under one roof.

The teams from Quattro Design Group and Pankow Builders wanted to keep the design open and free flowing. The building incorporates large folding walls and mobile furniture so that the spaces may change to fit the needs of the community. The best example can be seen above where the gymnasium connects to the rock climbing room. Or it can divide the space to facilitate more classes. The kitchen below may also facilitate one large group or two separate with its hide-away wall.

LAVC, Location: Los Angeles, CA, Architect: Pankow

Photographing this location was a trip in its own! Navigating through the schedules of all sorts of classes. Coordinating with large groups of people that seemed to come and go as they pleased. All the while ensuring everyone’s safety while I told them to, “Hey, hold that pose!” I was pretty lucky to have a great team that day. Both the Quatro Design Group and Pankow Builders were on site and really came together to bring life into the brand new cooking facility.

In one shot, we had the seemingly chaotic gymnasium where the children ran, jumped, and flipped to their stations. All the while we had to coordinate with the rock climbing team in the way, way back as they traversed up a 30ft wall, as well. And on the other hand, we had a very controlled and planned out kitchen scene where the teams sent from the builders and architect took part in “teaching” us how to cook as they posed for the shot. No vegetables were harmed in the making of this shoot.

LAVC, Location: Los Angeles, CA, Architect: Pankow

The large translucent facade of the Community Center invites the outside world in. Passersby have the opportunity to visually sample all that the Center has to offer without even entering. It will provide a facility of growth, community, and fun for small children, the students of LAVC, and all of the surrounding neighborhoods.

If it truly takes a village, this isn’t a bad place to start!

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AIA Housing Award goes to…

What a great year! In the 2016 AIA Housing awards, we had not one, but two projects featured! A recent hotshot in our archives, the Cloverfield 749 project has won it’s 3rd prize! Congrats to such an awesome team over at Lorcan O’Herlihy Architects (LOHA)!

And for its first time debut, the VA West: Homeless Veteran Transitional Housing also won! Such a great project to be a part of.

Again congratulations are due to both of these awesome architects! Can’t wait to see what they have in store for this year. Check out the rest of the winners in the link below.

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Luminous Point Loma

Point Loma Nazarene University, Location: San Diego, CA, Architect: Carrier Johnson

Photographing at Point Loma Nazarene (PLNU) was a dream shoot. Overlooking the pacific, we could hear crashing waves nonstop throughout the day.

We admired the open space and beautiful landscaping at PLNU’s brand new Science Complex built by the amazing Carrier Johnson + CULTURE. Walking the campus with Director of Marketing, Kathy Mitome, we couldn’t get enough of the long arcs in perforated stainless steel so contemporary, yet unique.

Point Loma Nazarene University, Location: San Diego, CA, Architect: Carrier Johnson

Capturing a two-floor metal panel wall was definitely a lighting challenge as a photographer. We had to work simultaneously with the exterior lighting and the shadows reflecting into the interior. It looked like the stairway was constantly evolving; when the light was just right, you could read equations on the floor!

Point Loma Nazarene University, Location: San Diego, CA, Architect: Carrier Johnson

We photographed inside lecture rooms, state-of-the-art labs and rooftop viewing decks. The students and staff were so cooperative and helpful as models. In between shots they even tried to help us brush-up on our science skills!

Point Loma Nazarene University, Location: San Diego, CA, Architect: Carrier Johnson

It was a privilege to be amongst the young and brightest, photographing a stunning new complex, all while remaining in ocean view. Carrier Johnson + Culture nailed it with their new academic addition. Point Loma and its science program is now looking better than ever before.


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Zura Hall: Surf Ready?!

SDSU Zura Residence Hall, Location: San Diego, CA, Architect: HMC Architects

Dodging surfboards and skateboards, I swiftly maneuvered my way into the brand new Zura Hall at San Diego State University (SDSU). Standing before me — a student housing paradise.

SDSU Zura Residence Hall, Location: San Diego, CA, Architect: HMC Architects

The 1968 classic Zura Hall underwent a top-to-bottom renovation by the geniuses at HMC Architects and Malum Architects. Think — productive surfer dude. Included with study areas, lounge rooms, and if you weren’t paying attention on the guided tour, there’s foosball and ping pong in the rec rooms.

SDSU Zura Residence Hall, Location: San Diego, CA, Architect: HMC Architects

We set foot to capture the hustle and bustle of dorm life with help from HMC’s Creative Director Christopher Grant and a couple of handy Resident Advisors. We corralled 1-20 students on every floor to capture the open community layout and the serious resort-like vibes.

SDSU Zura Residence Hall, Location: San Diego, CA, Architect: HMC Architects

We loved seeing the surf theme carry over throughout the buildings.  The designers worked with a local San Diego board shaper to create custom sustainable surfboards — fire chief approved! We also caught eye to these superb perforated terracotta lamps that tied back to the all-natural SoCal stylizing.

‘School on the west coast couldn’t get better,’ I thought as I photographed a group of friends on the sunny rooftop terrace. Never thought college was this cool! I kept comparing the environment (with all the awesome amenities) to the corporate cultures I’ve photographed in the past at GoDaddy or Nieman Marcus. Looks like SDSU is setting them up for the best!

SDSU Zura Residence Hall, Location: San Diego, CA, Architect: HMC Architects

My team had a blast getting immersed into the West Coast student life. Now I wonder what it will look like when my kid is all grown up!

SDSU Zura Residence Hall, Location: San Diego, CA, Architect: HMC Architects

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Kilroy Commits to Inspiration

“Untitled” by Sheldon Greenberg | 2000 – 2001

I walked into the lobby and directly in front of me was an artist at work. Among the hustle and bustle this man was extremely focused. He was painting carefully and passionately, in his zone — lost in his art. 

What an incredible opportunity it was photographing hundreds of art pieces in properties owned by the renowned architect, developer and realtor: Kilroy Realty. After 4 months on this project traveling to San Francisco, Seattle, LA and San Diego — I grew to love the way art functions in a workspace. The way the art changes with the light, how people respond or react differently to the art; the list goes on and on as to why contemporary art has made a breakthrough in innovative offices along the coast.

Kilroy Art Collection, Location: Los Angeles, CA, Architect: Kilroy Realty

“Men In Cities” by Robert Longo | 1983

Working closely with the art curator, Deanna Krawczyk, I got to hear the amazing backstory on every installation, multimedia display or fine art piece. I learned the narrative behind the artists and their choice of material, color and creative method. Specific artists that caught my eye in the Kilroy Art Collection were: David Florez, J.R. Eyerman, Robert Longo, Patrick Wilson, Amy Kaufman and Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec.

Kilroy Art Collection, Location: San Francisco, CA, Architect: Architect Kilroy Realty

“Atom City” by Amy Kaufman | 2010

After visiting a variety of Kilroy spaces I noticed a trend in the staff — everyone was so friendly and smart! I started to believe the power of great art. Kilroy Realty has done quite a stellar job implementing ways to create an awesome company culture across all locations.

I also took interest in the value of Kilroy’s vertically integrated business. Growing up in construction, I found it remarkable that Kilroy has sole ownership on all aspects of creating a building: design, construction, development and realty. You hardly see that anywhere! But after my time with Marketing Manager Shannon Knuth and Marketing Coordinator Caitlin Kilroy, I saw all the advantages to minimizing third parties — the accuracy and speed of communication was on point! I couldn’t be more impressed with this team.

Kilroy Art Collection, Location: San Francisco, CA, Architect: Architect Kilroy Realty

“Kvadrat Clouds” by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec | 2012

Kilroy’s commitment to their inspiring art, empowered employees and efficient business practices was a marvel to capture on camera. Now all I need is one of those pieces from the Kilroy collection in my studio!

Kilroy Art Collection, Location: Los Angeles, CA, Architect: Kilroy Realty

“Bwana Devil” by J.R. Eyerman | 1952

See the Kilroy Featured Gallery here.

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Fuhu Featured in


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