In the world of fashion, the makeover is what it is all about. The new trend, the new color, the new look. What is hot is hot, what is not is not. The game-changing makeup company, Too Faced, knows when it is time to buckle down and shimmer up. Paired with the amazing design team at Gensler lead by David Loyola, the two gave a long overdue makeover to its Irvine based office. It looks so good it even ended up in Elle Decor!

This office POPS!

Too Faced was founded to counteract the dark toned makeup trends of the 90’s. It was the first to premiere glitter eye shadow, plumping gloss, 24 hour crease proof primer and now can be found as the number one selling brand on the shelves of Sephora. From its beginning, Too Faced has embraced everything bright, sparkly, and pink! One look at their office and it is obvious to see.

This was definitely different from my usual. It did come with a nice benefit, though. Often times when I show up for a shoot, I’ll hear, “Oh shoot! I would have dressed better, had I known.” Not these ladies. Through and through, every woman I had the pleasure to work with was dressed to the nine and eager to be in each shot. Which just makes the shoot that much better.

It is pretty clear who runs the show. Meet Clover, the trophy pooch that can be found roaming the halls, making sure everything is in order and demanding all of the pets! Too Faced is a very dog friendly office, going as far as teaming up with and featuring a “Pooch of the Month” who’s up for adoption on their blog!

At the end of a long week, usually everyone rushes home to start the weekend. But why not sit back and relax by the fire on their new deck! Using sliding glass technology, the floor to ceiling windows open as doors to tie the inside to the outside. I am betting their office parties will be one to remember!


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