CSUF is ranked as one of the “most innovative” institutions among the nation’s top national universities by U.S. News & World Report. Reflecting this prestigious position, their new 27,000 sq. ft. student union building makes an impressive “front door” experience for the campus community. Featuring a triple-height atrium that integrates a variety of activities within one dynamic space, this energy-saving edifice was solely funded by student body fees.  Check out the full gallery here.

The Project
California State University Fullerton is a richly diverse and fast growing university that is an integral part of the community. In keeping with the university’s integrative ideal, the goal of the new student union building was to connect students to each other, while connecting the building to the campus. Student representatives were asked to collaborate in the design, which resulted in standing desks in the courtyard and power outlets and USB ports in every area of the building, including the wooden steps and stadium-style seating.

The Designer
Steinberg Architects has been creating human experiences for more than 60 years by designing spaces that define the relationship between people and environment. Steinberg collaborated with the university and student representatives to design a student union building unique to the CSU Fullerton campus.

The Builder
PCL Construction builds projects that inspire people. From stadiums and student centers to towers and town squares, PCL partners with the people.

The Letters
10-Foot-Tall letters that spell TITAN stand just outside the new campus hub, creating a perfect spot for photos with friends with larger than life school spirit. Go Titans!

Rethinking Study Areas
As the world rethinks how we process information, so too do we need to rethink how and where we learn.

Some Interesting Titan Trivia …
TITAN, the student union building, is named after the school’s mascot, an elephant dubbed Tuffy Titan. This dates back to the early 1960s when the campus hosted “The First Intercollegiate Elephant Race in Human History.” The May 11 event attracted 10,000 spectators, 15 racing pachyderms and worldwide news coverage.

When in the “County of Orange …”
CSU Fullerton is in Orange County, a special place that is very symbolic of a certain kind of SoCal culture. I love driving around, taking in all that the OC has to offer, such as the awesome beaches in Seal Beach, Huntington, Laguna, San Clemente and Balboa Island. There’s also Disneyland (a Vincent fav), Little Saigon and a whole lot more. Here are some great ideas the next time you’re in the area.

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