Just a mile or so east of Venice beach, you’ll find a rapidly changing community that is starting to attract some very fun creative’s.  After walking many mornings to my local coffee shop, past the homemade soaps place, along Venice Blvd, I would always pass an empty store front with the hope that something fun would fill the gap.  Before long Earl’s Gourmet Grub filled the space and the community received exactly what I had hoped for.   Not only do they offer amazing sandwiches and spectacular hard to find goodies, the architecture is absolutely captivating.  Seriously, just try walking by and not looking in.  In a community that is full of new crepes restaurants and an amazing farmers market, Earl’s Gourmet Grub is helping to make my neighborhood grow.  The amount of creative liberty that I found in my new local spot was a perfect balance next to the tattoo parlor and custom bike shop, radical and energetic.  Designed by Freeland Buck Architects, Earl’s is receiving all sorts of attention and I’m extremely excited to see grow.  Btw, the same owners started another new business down the way, recording studio/art gallery.  I love living here!




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